What should I wear in September?

"What clothes are suitable for the climate in Beihai, Guangxi?" When September comes, short sleeves are still hot, which can be just like ordinary summer clothes. Winter in Beihai is not cold, so don't wear two thick down jackets or a sweater with a coat

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"On December 4, 2009, what is the temperature of the trip to Beihai The weather on December 4, 2009 was cloudy during the day, with high temperature of 22 ℃, northeast wind and breeze; The weather on December 4, 2009 was cloudy at night, with a low temperature of 12 ℃, northeast wind and breeze. It is recommended to wear thin suits for spring and autumn transition. Suits are suitable for the elderly and infirm. However, the temperature difference between day and night is large, so pay attention to the appropriate increase or decrease of clothing. Hehehe Warm Supplement: (

"Go to Beihai, Guangxi for winter. What clothes do you wear to keep warm in December and January?" 1. Daily short sleeves: thick coat, jacket, sweater. 2. Daily coat: sweater, jacket, coat. 3. The Beihai Sea is cold in winter, so fur coats are not good for keeping warm. The jacket is not windproof. It is recommended to wear a sweater or sweaters inside. 4. Thick sweaters, wool jackets, sweaters, knitwear, knitted jackets, down jackets. Precautions: 1. Avoid

"I'm going to Yangshuo, Guilin, Beihai, Hainan in September 2010. What clothes do I need to wear? What's the local weather like?" Wear summer clothes~~It's still hot in Guilin until October to bring some sunscreen products~and rain gear~because at that time, I don't know whether it will rain or it will be sunny, and I'll tell you about your stay here.~2 Three star hotels are generally about 80 to 130~It's better to stay in Yangshuo when I come to Guilin~because most of the interesting places in Guilin are there~

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"September is the best season to travel to Weizhou Island, Beihai. How do you think it is best to dress?"&# 160; &# 160; &# 160; &# 160; Pay attention to the thickness, cotton inclusion or down, which can keep warm and windproof. For example, a pure windproof cowboy coat will be cold&# 160; &# 160; &# 160; 3. Wear pants of normal thickness in spring and autumn, such as jeans, instead of trousers. Leggings medium thickness is enough

"What should I wear in September?" The temperature in the Beihai Sea has always been very hot. This month, it doesn't feel too cold. The temperature is at least above 10 degrees. The temperature is between 10 and 20 degrees. The temperature is very good.