Ranking List of Chinese Local Sports Brands

Puma is the fastest growing sports brand today. It mainly focuses on leisure and sports products. In terms of fashion design and life shoes, it has continuously invested in introducing new designs.

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3、 Reebok

2、 Adidas

Founded in 1972, Nike is the world's top fashion sports brand, with the well-known "√" brand logo. Its product line is very rich and diverse, including sportswear, sports shoes, sports equipment, etc., and has a variety of styles. It often develops new products.

7、 Yinbao

Founded in 1948, Diadora is an Italian international sports brand with a leading position in Europe. Diadora has signed and sponsored many world-class sports players, including the famous football star Robert Baggio, the top team of Serie A, the best referees in the world football, Corina and Verry.

1、 Nike

Puma's sportswear advocates free style, while the leisure series is a combination of the fashion concept of Puma's sports series and the world's high-end fashion. Therefore, many trendy men and women who pursue fashion enthusiastically pursue Puma's products.

Reebok, its founder Joseph Foster, is a British sprinter. In the early stage of its establishment, it was famous for the "Foster" spike shoes developed by its founder. Later, with the continuous expansion of the company, Reebok gradually developed into other fields of sports and achieved good results.

5、 Diadonna

4、 Puma

Lotto is an important sports brand in Italy and plays a leading role in football and tennis.

Adidas is also a leader in the field of sports shoes production in the world, and many kinds of sports shoes were invented by Adidas. Up to now, Adidas is still at the top of the world's top ten sports brands, and is still in the process of R&D and innovation. Let's continue to look forward to the surprises it will bring us.

6、 Letu

Adidas was born in 1920. Its founder, Adi Dassler, focused on the research and development of sports shoes manufacturing technology from the very beginning, and has won 700 patents.

Sports brands in the "China Local Sports Brand Ranking" include:

"Top 10 domestic sports shoes brands" 6. Jordan Jordan is a national sports brand under Zhongqiao Sports Co., Ltd. Founded in 2000, the company focuses on the design, production and

10、 New Bailun

8、 Kappa

9、 Converse

Founded in Boston, the marathon city of the United States, in 1906, New Balance has become a favorite sports brand of many political leaders and successful people. New Bailun also has the honorary titles of "king of jogging shoes" and "president jogging shoes". New Bailun's jogging shoes have a number of classic retro series, such as 580, 999, 576, which are popular.

In recent years, Kappa has continuously developed and launched fashion products. Kappa designers have paid more attention to the application of fashionable colors and the new trend of patterns in their design, and have integrated the latest fashion elements into their sports products, fully demonstrating the brand personality of "sports, fashion, sexy and taste" of Kappa.

It was founded in 1908, and soon after that, it officially launched the ALL STAR canvas shoes known for their wild and uninhibited design, which quickly became popular around the world and set off a boom. In the Chinese market, there are currently three classic series listed: JACK PURCELL, ALL STAR CHUCK TAYLOR and CONS.

Ranking of "Top Ten Sports Brands in China": 1. As the leader of top ten sports shoes brands in China, LING-NING sports shoes have always been recognized by consumers in terms of quality and reputation. In the past two years, Li Ning has also become a fashion brand, showing the world Li Ning's original spirit and fashion influence. 2. Anta

The symbol of Kappa is a man and a woman sitting together, with a strong romantic atmosphere, which can be said to be permeated with romantic European customs.

Umbro was founded in 1924. In the process of its development, Umbro won the World Cup with several powerful players. Up to now, Yinbao has a history of more than 70 years. Its brand concept of focusing on football has been developing steadily. At present, it has become a famous professional football clothing and equipment supplier in the world. It has all the equipment related to football.