What clothes to wear to Wuyi Mountain tomorrow

The picture shows the weather conditions of Wuyi Mountain in the next three days for reference (click the picture to view):

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Although the temperature of Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area in spring is higher than that in winter, the temperature drops suddenly from time to time, cold weather occurs in late spring, and there is a lot of rain. Therefore, it is recommended to wear thick coats, sweaters and other spring and autumn clothing, and bring a folding umbrella. The weak should wear overcoats and woolen coats. Due to the large temperature difference between day and night, pay attention to the increase and decrease of clothes.

"How to plan and prepare for climbing Wuyi Mountain?" Introduction to tourist attractions: Dahongpao, the most famous tea in Wuyi Mountain, is known as "the king of tea" and grows on a steep cliff in Jiulong Nest. According to the assessment of the tea maker, Dahongpao tea has been brewed for 9 times without losing its original flavor - osmanthus fragrance. Other famous teas, when brewed 7 times, have very weak taste. So he won the title of "King of Tea" and became famous in the sea

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"Is it necessary to isolate Wuhan to Wuyi Mountain now?" Please report to the village (community), unit, hotel or local epidemic prevention and control headquarters immediately if you have a history of living in Zhengzhou in the past 7 days, especially those who enter (return to) the south from relevant martial arts schools in Dengfeng City, Zhengzhou, and those who enter (return to) the south where Wuyi Mountain cases travel (the trajectory is attached) intersect

"Is Longyueguan Mansion in Bigui Garden of Wuyi Mountain a school district room?" It is a school district room. According to the relevant public information, Longyueguan Mansion of Wuyishan Country Garden is located at No. 66, Chengdong Middle Road, Wuyishan City, Nanping City, Fujian Province, which is a school district building.

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It's a little cold when it rains recently, but it's not very cold, so you don't need to bring down jackets and the like, just take warm winter clothes. The weather in Wuyishan is pretty good these two days. Just wear a T-shirt and a thin coat.. Take rain gear, just like Beijing now, and take rain gear to "travel to Wuyi Mountain. How do you plan your trip?" Afternoon: Jiuquxi Bamboo Raft+Wuyi Palace+Song Street; Evening: Impression Dahongpao+Impression Jianzhou+Chongxi Wandering Road. Wuyishan World Cultural and Natural Heritage&# 127752; Dahongpao Tea&# 127811; Origin of. Has been published by Lonely Star Travel Guide&# 128214; It was rated as one of the "top ten happiest places in the world". It is a must to go to Fujian

"What clothes to wear in Wuyi Mountain tomorrow?" Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area is located at 117 ° 55 ° east longitude-- 118°01´ 27 ° 35 north latitude-- 27°43´ It belongs to the subtropical monsoon humid climate zone, with distinct four seasons, short spring and autumn, long summer and winter, and large temperature difference in the morning and evening due to its mountainous location.

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Who is Wuyi? "Wuyi" is the content of the collection of classical Chinese short stories "Strange Stories from a Liaozhai" created by Pu Songling, a novelist in the Qing Dynasty. It mainly tells the story of the immortals in Wuyi Mountain, which shows the ancient people's strong curiosity and thirst for knowledge about nature and their hard work under the oppression of officials