What pants do high top shoes look good with

1. Lacquer leather high boots are generally thick. It is better to wear tight casual pants to show leg length. Long windbreaker and short small suit are more European and American style. Canvas high top boots have a student temperament, which can be paired with woolen shorts and cardigan.

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"What pants do high top shoes go with?" 1. High top shoes with sanitary pants: First of all, we can choose sanitary pants to match this high top shoes, which looks very energetic and vigorous, and is the first choice for matching high top shoes. 2. Nine point jeans with high top shoes: For girls, nine point jeans with high top shoes are the best look, not only look bright when wearing them

4. Black tight jeans and pencil pants, with dark purple, dark black red, dark coffee and other silk or mercerized cotton shirts on the upper body. Small sexy and sunny.

2. High top shoes should be paired with coats and shorts, not in the same color all over, but safe and fashionable with black. You can choose patterned clothes, but remember to have only one, otherwise it will look too fancy.

"What pants to wear with high top shoes" 1. Pencil pants Pencil pants are very popular and also a common kind of pants. Because the legs are small, they can easily be stuffed into high top shoes. Therefore, they are the first must for pants used with high top shoes. It should be noted that people with short stature should not choose those with high uppers, or they will appear short in legs.

"What pants do you like better with high top shoes" is as follows:

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"What kind of pants are good for high top shoes?" What kind of pants are good for high top shoes? 1 Pair 1: white leggings and leggings are very suitable for high top shoes. The colors of the leggings usually worn are black, white, or jeans. The white leggings are suitable for thin girls. Pair them with a pair of high top shoes to show the leg length. Pair 2: black wide leg pants, each

"What kind of pants are more comfortable to wear with high top shoes?" High top shoes with shorts. For example, high top canvas shoes can also be paired with shorts. In summer, some girls who are more athletic can use high top canvas shoes or high top sports shoes to pair with shorts, which is very beautiful. In autumn, you can also use Martin boots with shorts, which is very beautiful and fashionable. But in order to prevent people from getting old

5. High top canvas shoes with rolled up jeans or slacks: canvas shoes with jeans is an eternal truth, and high top canvas shoes with slacks are the favorite of fashionable men and women, which is casual and fashionable, and shows a different style of foot.

"What kind of pants do high top shoes look good with?" 1、 When wearing pencil pants with high top shoes, we can pair them with pencil pants. You can roll up the pants legs or put them in the shoes to make the legs look thin and long. When the weather is warm, we can choose the combination of shirt, pencil pants and high top shoes. This combination is not only simple and fashionable, but also

3. Girls' high top shoes can be matched with feminine clothes on the upper part and jeans on the lower part. Fold the trouser legs and put them in the shoes to make the legs look long. Casual knitwear+short skirt+high top shoes are common spring and autumn collocation. It can also be matched with Harun pants, including silk fabrics, trousers fabrics, casual fabrics, etc. The pants type of Harun pants tests the figure and leg shape, and the lower body needs to be long to wear.